2ABOF-G1-RN3ASI001 Residential Node (RN)

2ABOF-G1-RN3ASI001 Information

Application PurposeOriginal Equipment
Equipment ClassCBD
Grantee NameTarana Wireless, Inc.
Status Date09/07/2021
Grant NoteOutput power is Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP)
Additional Grant NoteThis device may be operated as a CBSD-CPE subject to configuration and control protocols as specified in the filing.
Additional Grant Note ID40

Power Information

DescriptionResidential Node (RN)
Emission Designator37M1G7D
Frequency Min To Max3570.00000000 - 3680.00000000
Power Output (mW)40.1791000
DescriptionResidential Node (RN)
Emission Designator27M1G7D
Frequency Min To Max3565.00000000 - 3685.00000000
Power Output (mW)45.0817000
DescriptionResidential Node (RN)
Emission Designator18M1G7D
Frequency Min To Max3560.00000000 - 3690.00000000
Power Output (mW)49.4311000
DescriptionResidential Node (RN)
Emission Designator9M07G7D
Frequency Min To Max3555.00000000 - 3695.00000000
Power Output (mW)34.1979000

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